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Living in New York City exposes you to people from ALL walks of life. The longer I’ve been here the more I’ve realized no two people are quite the same. Coming to the city, from what I considered to be a small town in Massachusetts, was daunting at first. I had been conditioned in high school to try to fit in with everyone else. Through dressing, vocabulary slang, and hairstyles – I was forced to fit some pre-determined suburban mold.

I remember WAY back attempting to break this mold through different hairstyles I saw on the Internet and wanted to try. The problem with this was that I could NEVER style them quite right.  All of the products I found at the drugstore left my hair feeling greasy and looking a hot mess. I remember one of the first products I fell in love with was got2b’s Freeze Hair Spray. I finally had found something that gave me the extreme control over my hair that I was looking for.

For this post, I’ve partnered with got2b as a part of their "Always Workin' It" team to talk about their Phenomenal Grooming Wax. I’ve typically used dry products in the past with little to no shine, in fear of having little control of my hair throughout the day. To my surprise, the Phenomenal Grooming Wax has a lasting hold and leaves a light shine that makes my hair look healthy. When styling my hair with this product, I first blow-dry my hair until it’s mostly dry. From there, I take a dab of product on my finger, rub it in to my hands, and then apply it to my hair – working from the back of my head to the front.

Everyone’s hairstyle is something that is special and unique to them – got2b’s extensive line of products has something for anyone who wants to achieve the special look they are after!


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