Philip Valles

Atoboy | New York

Philip Valles

I’ve been getting a little stir crazy from spending my weekends shut away in my apartment. Literally, I have been acting as if there is a zombie apocalypse going on outside every Friday night to Monday morning and avoiding going out in public at all costs. It is getting out of hand.

This past weekend I decided it was time to shake being a home body and get out! After doing a little research, I found an article via Eater about a newly opened pre-fixe style Korean spot called Atoboy. After looking at a few images online I immediately knew I had to try it out. The atmosphere alone looked as if it was made for me – concrete walls, custom dining tables, chic Korean tableware – I immediately made a reservation.

Upon arriving you are whisked in to the industrial looking space through the enormous wooden front door. The menu is a mix of small plate tasting-menu-style by a chef formerly at the Michelin-starred Jungsik. The best part about this place is that you are able to get a Michelin level pre-fixe experience at an affordable price of $36 per person. I don’t know about you, but I am actually the pickiest/most annoying person when it comes to deciding on what to order when visiting a restaurant. Atoboy’s menu puts my anxieties at ease as you are urged to order three different plates per person (so essentially bring as many friends and you can and try a little bit of everything!)

Some of my favorites that are also pictured above include the Little Neck Clam (with avocado, rice cracker, and gochugaru, Tartare (with oyster, radish, and potato), Squid (with pork, shrimp and salsa verde), as well at my TOP pick for the evening which was the Chicken (with spicy peanut butter and garlic.)

Overall a huge fan of this place and can’t wait to go back! You can check them out via there website here: AtoboyNYC