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Moments with Sunday

OutfitPhilip Valles
Moments with Sunday


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For those of you who don’t know from my instagram + snapchat, I recently moved apartments in NYC! The move has caused me to seriously reconsider every single belonging I own. I am really trying to de-clutter and live more organized. I’ve found myself holding on to literally SO MUCH nonsense and it has become time to let go. Of course, parting ways with old belongings is like throwing away a memory. Clothing consolidation has also posed a serious challenged as I find myself repeating, “OH - I’ll totally wear that at some point!” (Even when I haven’t touched that piece in several years…) A piece of clothing I recently was challenged to part with was this vintage shirt I got way back in a random shop in Los Angeles. It is oversized and not something I wear day-to-day. But, I really liked how distressed it is and wanted to find a way to style it for a more sophisticated outfit. I decided to dress it up by tucking in the excess fabric in to a nice pair of dress pants from Uniqlo and my new custom boots I designed from Quero.

A big push for me to get organized has also been due to a book I recently read titled, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I will leave some tips she provides in the book for cleaning your space, ultimately creating a calming home:


Do it all at once:

Kondo advises tackling the tidying in one go, rather than little increments, and do it sooner rather than later.   

Tidy by category, not room:

You should declutter items such as clothes and books all together instead of tidying them up in individual rooms. When we look at our clothes or books together, we have a better perspective on what we love and need and are less tempted to move them from room to room.

Start with the easy stuff:

You should start with things to which we have less emotional attachment, Kondo says. Kitchen utensils are better than old photographs, which are bound to slow you down.

Consider the joy factor: 

Don't throw things away for the sake of it. Kondo advises you consider each item, hold it in your hands and if it "brings you joy", keep it. If it doesn't, throw it away. Forget the "maybe" pile.


All paperwork should fit in one place and you should be absolutely ruthless about what you keep. Only the essentials should remain: mortgages, insurance and employment contracts. Throw out old bills, statements and letters. Most information can be found online now.

Don't spend a fortune on storage:

Kondo is no fan of expensive and complicated storage systems. Our obsession with storage comes from having too much stuff and once our things are stored in a fancy Ikea box, we're likely to forget about them. Better to keep things simple, says Kondo, who is a devotee of the humble shoebox.

Fold, fold, fold:

Kondo recommends folding over hanging, with the exception of heavy coats and expensive suits. Folding makes for neater storage and you can store at least twice the amount of clothing in the same amount of space.