OutfitPhilip Valles

Blue Jeans

OutfitPhilip Valles
Blue Jeans


Jacket by Levis | Shop here

Denim by Rag & Bone | Shop here

Shoes by Converse | Shop here

Sunglasses by Ray Ban | Shop here

People are bringing it back – it’s featured on the covers of magazines and many retailers are pushing it hard for spring/summer: I am talking about wearing denim on denim. There is something about the double-denim trend that goes against EVERYTHING my person color preference stands for. The idea of also putting together a complete monochromatic look with denim can be certainly be intimidating. I have been noticing a lot of people on the streets of New York rocking this double-ensemble and I decided to rifle through my closet to try to make it work for me. While I was picking through my pieces I realized I had an old Levis jacket that I had totally forgotten about. I found that it almost perfectly matched the new Rag & Bone denim I recently picked up – so I decided to try on the two together and to my amazement the look clicked. Below are some of my tips for tackling this trend:

-DON’T: be too caught up with matching your denim perfectly

You don’t need to look so matchy matchy. Even though you can’t tell, my outfit is a little off in the color tones but it works.

-DO: play with colors

If you’re like me, color is not something I normally work in to my closet. It is completely normal to be shut off from playing with this trend. However, if you want to give it a try I’d suggest easing yourself in to it slowly. Start by paring a light denim shirt or jeans with a darker counterpart. I began by getting confortable in my light distressed jeans and began to make them a staple in my wardrobe.

-DO: distress

Something about having my jeans distressed for this look makes it all feel more comfortable. I needed to have some edge to the look. The distressed jeans also make the whole look appear a lot less plain by giving the eye something else to be drawn to, therefore making you feel less like a walking-denim blob.

-DO: incorporate pieces that make the look pop

For this look I decided I wanted to make it entirely monochromatic by pairing it with my white Converse sneakers. However, this look would still look great with a pair of suede boots.